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About ArganOil Cooperative


The significance of Our ArganOil Cooperative goes far beyond mere economic gains. It spans across multiple dimensions, including social, environmental, and cultural aspects. Our cooperative stands as a pivotal force driving sustainable development, empowering the Berber women of Agadir, and safeguarding a distinctive natural resource. Those who endorse Argan oil cooperatives, through their support, play an integral role in advancing these overarching values by advocating for ethical and sustainable practices within the Argan oil industry.

We aspire to be a beacon of sustainability, nurturing the Argan tree ecosystem, empowering Berber women, and preserving our cultural heritage. Join us in championing ethical practices for a brighter future.

We begin with the pursuit of Sustainable Prosperity, navigating the delicate balance between economic growth and the preservation of the Argan tree ecosystem, an invaluable natural resource. It’s our commitment to ensure that prosperity doesn’t come at the cost of our environment.

Simultaneously, our mission extends to Empowerment, as we dedicate ourselves to the cause of Berber women in Agadir. Through the avenues of meaningful employment, education, and unwavering community support, we empower these women to take charge of their destinies.

In our endeavor, we’re not just producers; we’re Guardians of Culture. We cherish and protect the deep-seated cultural heritage that is inseparable from the Argan oil industry. It’s our duty to ensure this heritage flourishes.

The history of Our ArganOil Cooperative is a tale of passion and purpose deeply rooted in the vibrant landscapes of Agadir, Morocco.

Our journey began not as a mere business venture but as a shared dream among a group of like-minded individuals. We understood that Argan oil was not just a commodity; it held within its essence a rich tapestry of cultural heritage, environmental significance, and untapped potential.

In those early days, our cooperative faced a daunting challenge – how to achieve economic prosperity while safeguarding the delicate balance of the Argan tree ecosystem, a unique natural resource exclusive to our region. This challenge became the cornerstone of our commitment to Sustainable Prosperity. We embarked on a mission to ensure that our growth as a cooperative would never come at the expense of the very resource that sustained us.

Simultaneously, we recognized the incredible potential within the Berber women of our community. Our mission to Empower these women was born out of a desire to provide them with meaningful employment, access to education, and unwavering community support. These women became the heart and soul of our cooperative, their empowerment a source of pride and fulfillment.

Our cooperative’s history is intrinsically linked to the deep-rooted cultural heritage of our people. We felt a profound responsibility to Protect and Promote this heritage, recognizing that the Argan oil industry was not just a source of income but a custodian of our history and traditions. Preserving our cultural legacy became an integral part of our mission.

Throughout our journey, we evolved into passionate advocates for Ethical and Sustainable practices within the Argan oil industry. We understood that our actions held the power to influence far beyond our immediate surroundings. By advocating for ethical practices, we aimed to sow the seeds of a brighter, more interconnected future for all who played a part in this industry.

Looking back, we see a history that is not just about growth but about purposeful evolution. Today, Our Argan Oil Cooperative stands as a testament to the enduring values of sustainability, empowerment, cultural preservation, and ethical advocacy. Our journey continues, with each day offering fresh opportunities to make a positive impact on society, the environment, and the global community.